The Conejo/West Valley Melton is an exemplary community consortium of Jewish organizations working together to offer the highest quality adult learning. 

The consortium is hosted by Shomrei Torah Synagogue and includes: 

Adat Ari El |  Congregation Or Ami |  Temple Adat Elohim | Temple Ahavat Shalom | Temple Aliyah | Temple Etz Chaim | Temple Judea  | Valley Beth Shalom  | de Toledo High School

"Participating in Learning in the Florence Melton School Transforms Individuals, Communities, and the Jewish People"

Tzedakah, or righteousness, is the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.
Inspired by the words of Rabbi Heschel, Gordon Zacks, z"l, identified the true mission of the school that carries his mother's name: to impact an individual learner in ways that also have a profound effect on the family and community. Heschel believed that leadership of a community should come from individuals who are learning Jews. In Jewish tradition, learning is not limited to childhood. Rather, life-long learning about the core values, essential ideas, history and culture of Judaism can shape family decisions, inspire wise leadership, and strengthen connection to community. The Florence Melton School honors this tradition with adult Jewish learning opportunities that transform individuals, communities and the Jewish people.